Monday, April 19, 2010

eHow is witholding my earnings for no good reason - a saga of frustration and glitches

Those of you who have been paying attention to goings-on at eHow (or write for it) are aware of the big changes that have taken place on it. Specifically, that eHow's writer compensation program has been terminated, and now all eHow writing will have to take place through Demand Studios. That in itself is no problem (since I was also accepted into Demand Studios), but this comes on top of numerous publishing glitches that have recently made submitting eHow articles an exercise in frustration.

To top it all, in March 2010 a number of eHow writer's earnings (including mine) have been put on hold, which is what they do if they suspect plagiarism or click-fraud. Which would be well and good if I had indulged in any such unethical practices. Except that I haven't. And it sounds like several other eHow authors are in the same predicament (i.e., innocent, but declared guilty). I'm rapidly losing faith in eHow. I don't think they play fair, and some of their dealings seem downright shady (those of you who remember the whole eHow UK earnings fiasco will know what I'm talking about). I guess "discovering" click-fraud on a certain number of eHow accounts is just handy for eHow in the sense of not having to pay those authors for that month? Is this a game they play? We'll find out. Of course, if they're snooping around this blog, it's possible they will terminate my eHow account for other "unethical" behavior on my part which they will conveniently claim to discover, which will effectively shut me out of eHow. Wonder if they've done this to other authors as well.

Bottom line is, I'm pissed off. When I signed up to write on eHow, I thought they were a bit too good to be true. Now I know this for a fact...