Saturday, March 13, 2010

February 2010 earnings, March update and thoughts about keyword optimization

February wasn't that great of a month, especially with all the publishing glitches that eHow was having. Still, I managed to pull in just over $17.00 for the month, and March eHow earnings stand at just over $10 as of 13th March, so on track to exceed February takings, but not by much. Total earnings since I joined eHow (just under 3 months ago) stand at over $60.

Have been too busy to write for eHow lately, but hoping to bump up my article totals this month. Also, I've been paying a bit of attention to keyword optimization, and it seems to have helped a bit. Only a few of the articles on which I optimized keywords have earned anything, but they have done better than most other articles, so I think the lesson there is, if one uses search engine optimization techniques, then it pays off in the long run, as long as one keeps at it. Like with everything else in eHow, volume matters, so one can't just write a couple of good / optimized articles and expect it to pay off, but rather, keep at it for the long term.

Also, another tip I want to share is that it's better to be slow and steady on eHow rather than try to write lots of articles in a short time to bump up volume. The latter strategy quickly leads to writing fatigue. Better to write steadily and at a somewhat relaxed pace. Great if you can write an article every day, but even that can be overwhelming after a while. But if you can write an article or two every few days, that still adds up and you end up with a substantial article count over a few months. I raced to write a 100 articles in my first month on eHow, and am now taking it somewhat easy.

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